Helicopter Design & Manufacturing of Helicopter with new feature to achieve some critical parameter of helicopter such :
  • First turbine helicopter in its class certified by the FAA
  • Only light turbine helicopter with dual hydraulic systems
  • Carries more, flies further and higher than the competition at 30% less cost of operation
  • The only helicopter in its class with forced trim
On six continents around the world, the FH1100 is known as an outstanding performer. Under all climatic conditions including hot weather/high altitude, the FH1100 keeps going strong The FH1100 is powered by a Rolls Royce 250-C20B, one of the most reliable and economical turbo shaft engines ever built. Maximum speed at sea level is 127 mph, with fuel consumption as low as 22 gallons per hour.

Demonstrated technology, low operating costs, reduced maintenance cost, ease of operation are all benefits of FH1100 ownership. Maximum Range and endurance at 5,000 feet is 615 miles and 5 hours with auxiliary fuel tanks. The FH1100 gives you performance that exceeds or equals any other helicopter in its class for thousands of dollars less than the competition. The FH1100 is powered by the Rolls-Royce 250 C20-B engine with over 250 million flight hours and more than 16,000 engines in service