System / Unit and its services

  Aircraft ( Jet Trainer, Fighter & Attack and Transportation )
  • IAR 99 - SOIM Jet Trainer & Light Attack
    IAR 99 - SOIM is designed for Romanian Air Force with its capability in :

    - Basic and intermediate flight academy training
    - Advanced and Lead In Trainer (LIT) for contemporary Jet Fighters
    - Close Air Support (CAS) and light attack missions

    IAR 99 - SOIM ( Falcon ) has been produced for more than 250 units. This design complies to Western & Eastern Standards. Some modernization have been done on 1997 to have better performance and state-of-the-art avionics. IAR 99 - SOIM is easy to shift from Jet Trainer to become Light Attack Mission.

  • SU - 27 Front-Line Fighter
    Intended to deliver long-range and short-range air combat, intercept and destroy piloted and drone aircraft at the range of 1300-1400 km from a combat contact line. SU-27 may perform combat actions in conditions of enemy ECM warfare and air defence opposition, in any weather condition day and night.

  • AN-2-Transport Aircraft
    Intended for transportation and landing of people, material, cargos, armament & ammunition. Capable take off and landing at unprepared grounds. Capable to be used for pollination & sparge of fields and forests.

  Armour Passenger Carrier ( APC )
  • SAUR 1 & SAUR 2 APC
    Design 8x8 wheeled amphibious vehicle with 11 crew including driver. This APC has speed up to 100 km/hour on the road and 10 km/hour in the water. Range distance up to 600 km. Diesel engine with power 325 – 420 HP. Crew protection systems are available in this APC. Air condition system is available. Some customized equipments can be request such as Communication Means, Special Equipments ( Laser, Radar etc ), Observing Devices, Armament /Turet, Camouflage system.

  • AMV Rosomak
    ROSOMAK 8x8 designed for Safety of Crew & Passangers with excellent on-road and off-road, flexible modularity, hydro pneumatic, modern suspension enables easy and quick adapting in different condition, frame construction of the chassis, big capacity, enable to integrate with large weapons. During the comparison test in Malaysia, it is the most recommended AMV among others. ROSOMAK 8x8 has max speed up to 120 km/hour on the road ans 10 km/hour in water ( swimming & amphibious )with 800 km operating radius. Using Scania diesel engine with max power output 360 kW and torque output 1970 Nm and 7+1 gears. This AMV is available for 8x8 and 6x6 type for Infantry Fighting Vehicle and Medical Evacuation Vehicle. Customer can request specific requirements base on the local condition and purpose of mission including the armaments and special equipments. Our principal offered a fourth generation armoured modular vehicle AMV 8x8 designed by Finnish concern Patria, armed in combat version with HIFTIST 30mm weapon system of Italian concern OTO Melara or NEMO Mortar 120mm unmanned turreted smoothbore mortar system.

  • Armoured Water Canon
    This AWC used 4x4 wheeled with 14 members including commander and driver. This AM 7.0 design has speed up to 100 km/hour with range min. 700km. Using Euro 3 type of diesel engine with 170 HP. The water canon is customized base on customer request.

  Battle Tank ( Medium & Heavy )
  • TR 85 M1 Main Battle Tank
    TR 85 M1 becomes the standard of Romanian Army up to now. It has 4 crews with 50 tons weight and 17,2 power weight ratio (HP/ton). TR 85 M1 can drive with 60 km speed using 8 cylinders turbo charge direct injection diesel engine 860HP/2300rpm. Firepower 100 mm Main gun, 7,6 mm coaxial machine gun, 12,7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun and flare/smoke grenade launchers.

  • MLI 84 M Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    Infantry fighting vehicle MLI-84M it is an armored vehicle, used for protecting, transporting and fighting against the personnel, the light armored vehicles and against enemy's tanks. Using the assembled equipment and the individual armament of the infantry division, this vehicle is also used against the logistic transport, paratroops and helicopters. It is working in very good condition on every kind of roads or fields. It can cross the waters through maximum 1,2 meters deep fords. This product is the result of the cooperation with prestigious partners, world leaders in military equipment production. Here are the main advantages of this vehicle:
    - War field mobility
    - The high capacity of surviving
    - Modern concept of the armament system
    - Easy access to the replacing sub-assembling parts
    - NATO consistency with the compounding elements.

  Engineering & Logistic
  • Tank Bridge Layer
    Intended for regiment equipment and personnel transportation across narrow water obstacles and gulen. This bridge is deployed by the crew without the necessity of getting off the vehicles, so, the crew is protected from fire exposure and projectile fragments.

  • Self Propeled Ferry
    Intended for transportation wheeled and track non-amphibious vehicles with a loaded weight up to 42.5 tons across wide water obstacles. It is highly expedient the employee for the ferry transportation of vehicles across water obstacles more than 500 m up to 6 km wide.

  Helicopter ( Attack, Transportation and Rescue )
  • Mi-2 Light Multipurpose Helicopter
    This helicopter is intended for reconnaissance, airlift immediately armament, ammunition, material for troop forces, evacuation of wounded and sick soldier.

  • Mi-8T Military Transport Helicopter
    This helicopter is intended to drop paratroopers, transportation of troops with regular combat material ( wheel equipment, engineering mean ect.) and armament, immediate delivery of armament, ammunition and materials for troop forces, evacuation of wounded and sick and for ground-located target destruction.

  • Mi-24P (V) Combat Transport Helicopter
    This helicopter is intended to direct fire support of ground forces units and their transportation.

  • Mi-26T Heavy Multipurpose Helicopter
    Intended for long range transportation of military units and cargoes from limited size helipads. For large sized cargoes the helicopter is equipped with sling carrying up to 20,000 kg. Is the heaviest serial helicopter in the world.

  • AH1100 Bushmaster
    The only presently new design counter insurgency attack helicopter available in the world. Light Weight Helicopter that is suitable for Maritime, Ambulance, Transport & Training

  • OH1100 Hornet
    The OH1100 HORNET received all the improvements of the new modern VN1100 including extensive use of stronger and lighter composite material and the new redesigned aerodynamic nose. This design is for maritime, transport, amphobious, medical evacuation etc

  • Military Hovercraft
  • Commercial Hovercraft

  Ship & Boat
  • Landing Craft Tank
    This Craft is useful to bring tank and vehicle as well as personnel to destination island. LCT type NS-723 is proven designed and manufactured for customers. This ship design is longer than LCU. We can accomodate the customer requirements for design inputs for this type of LCT.

  • Landing Craft Utility
    To drop the personnel and military vehicle and equipment ( APC, Truck, Artillary etc ) to particular destination of mission. LCU type NS-717 is proven designed and manufactured for customers. This ship design is shorter than LCT but we can design base on the customer needs and expectation including the weapon and armament type.

  • Fast Patrol Boat
    This fast patrol boat is designed for some law enforcement, military and custome purpose. Protection of the territory water zone, anti smuggling and custom operations, survellance duties and escort purpose are the objective and role of this patrol boat. Fast Patrol Boat type NS-940 is the upgrading from NS-935 that already produced for some customers including Indonesia Police. We allow the customer requirements as design inputs for this type of patrol boat.

  • Rescue Vessel
    This type of vessel is designed and manufactured for search and rescue purpose for human life saving and evacuation in varies of disasters. This vessel is using the fully alluminium material and consist of ward and emergency room for patient recovery. The hospital equipments are installed within this type of vessel for first aid and emergency actions during the life saving and evacuation.

  • Corvette
    The GAWRON 621 is designed ad mutipurpose corvette. The hull is shaped to comply with stealth technology requirements. Ship's propulsion system is fully automated. The ship is equipped by modern radar & sonar, integrated communication system & integrated navigation system. The designed complies with modern standards and world trends in the construction of cervette sized vessels.

  • Fast Attack Craft ( Orkan Class )
    The ORKAN 660M is designed as Modern Orkan Class Fast Attack Crafts. This vessel is designed with modern weapons and electronic systems, fully compatible with NATO ships standards. After the modernization, ORKAN Class Fast Attack Craft belong to the newest NATO ship in their class. Some primary task ( offensive and defensive ) are surface antisurface warfare (ASUW), Anti Air Warfare (AAW) and Naval Gunfire Support (NGS).