Goals & Strategy


On becoming Value Creator company, we are trying to understand each market characteristics and requirements for Military, Law Enforcement, Government & Commercial and define our policy to execute the strategy and differentiation such as :
  • Policy Compliance :
    We also go deep into the government policy insight and accomodate the policy issue with solutions to prevent the defense planning and its implementation through our service value.

  • Country Risk :
    We learned from the history of military defense that faced a lot of political issue from the country origin of defense products and services. Therefore, we consider deeply to find safe products and its services in the long term usage and services.

  • Value Adder :
    According to our positioning as value creator, we are difference with common supplier companies since we always looking for the opportunity to bring the technology to our country, improve our nation's knowledge and skill, opening the business for employement and trying to add value of country devisa.

  • Value Purchase :
    Sourcing the quality product that may not have a strong brand image in the market but enable customer to purchase in lower budget. We will create the market for this type of quality product as far as there is support from committed principals in term of technology upgrading, parts supply, service maintenance.

  • Problem Solver :
    We are a part of customer solution when they faced the difficulties with the system, equipments, parts   maintenance as well as professional people to overcome the problem. We are eager to help our customers when others supplier can not support. We are challenged to help customer in sourcing the system, unit, parts and partners to bring a solution for customer's property and assets.

  • Good Corporate Governance :
    We would like to perform the ethic business policy to contribute the achievement of government policy and aim. The compliance of procedures in business transaction shall be conducted to deliver the good corporate governance within the business community.