The company was established in 2006 to fulfill the customer requirements in parts and components supply for Indonesia Navy and Air Force
. After for four years penetration into market as supplier, the management of company re-thinking the new business landscape to growth in the future. Some business opportunities as marketing & sevices company drives the management to transform the company in building new competitiveness and positioning.

The Year 2010 becomes new born of the company. The management took an initiative to re-thingking the business landscape and transform from supplier business to become marketing & service business with unique strategy to penetrate the potential market.

PT. Tirta Graha Nusantara are becoming the new player in marketing & services of qualified product/service from competent principals around the world. Some principals already engaged within few months in the mid of 2010 and started to penetrate the market.

Now, the company becomes the marketing and services for system/unit products, parts & components and supplies as well as services maintenance. The scope of products and services from huge and strong principals enable us to penetrate in the diversify market from military, law enforcement, government and commercial sectors.

We are realized that a lot of major player with strong product brand already existed in Indonesia, therefore, the management are playing different strategy and positioning to build the value to customers. The company also improve the organization capability through better team work, management system, commitment of principals and shareholder.