Naval Shipyard Gdynia S.A.
The state-owned company since 1922 as the pioneer in Design, Manufacturing and MRO for varies of military, police and SAR as well as commercial ship and boat. (vessel). This company also expreienced in producing Fast Patrol Boat for Indonesia Police ( 5 units ). The company is the only one shipbuilding company designated to serve Poland Navy. Some varies of products like Corvette, Orkan type, Landing Craft Tank, Landing Craft Utility, Fast Patrol Boat, Rescue Vessel, Towing Boat and Tanker as well as others commercial ship.

The main business activities :
  • Repairs, conversions, modernisation, maintenance of Navy vessels, merchant, fishers, technical and special fleet.
  • Newbuildings.
  • Manufacturing of special devices, articles, units and subunits, components, and spare parts.
  • Services: repairs, docking, designing, subcontracting, forwarding, storage, testing, lodging, summer resort, health care
  • Foreign trade of products and services.
WZML1 ( Military Communication Works No.1 ) S.A.
The State Enterprise Wojskowe Zaklady Lacznosci Nr 1 having its main office at Zegrze was established in 1955 by the Minister of National Defence with the needs of manufacturing and repairing Communications equipment for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. During its activity, the Company as a main integrator and supplier, executed MOD programmes related to manufacturing and modernising mobile field communication systems as well as programs for the Polish Telecomunications of mobile digital communication systems.

At present, the company employs the 250 personnel and 90% of sales is related to manufacturing mobile ground and satellite communication systems. The Company is also the satellite operator and provides telecommunication services based on satellite technologies, both for government and private sectors. The company owns all required legally permissions and concessions necessary to carry out production activities on the defence market, as well as appropriate certificates of quality management systems ISO and AQAP .

The company executes projects in the full development cycle consisting of :
  • developing the concept
  • preparing technical documentations
  • manufacturing
  • providing services and technical support
The Military Communication Works No 1 S.A. has built its position on the market by :
offering products that conform to market expectations and requirements, high quality of products and services executed, effective service system and technical support.

The essential groups of projects executed :
  • Mobile digital communication nodes
  • Mobile switching and transmitting shelters
  • Mobile satellite terminals
  • Portable and transportable satellite terminals
  • Mobile radio receiving shelters
  • Mobile digital radio links up to 155 Mb/s in capacity
  • Mobile command post modules
  • Management shelters for communication systems
  • Mobile crypto accounts
  • Mobile antenna masts
  • Directional antennas up to 5GHz
  • Modernisations of communication systems
  • Satellite telecommunication services
  • Training courses and technical servicing and
  • Technical support.
WZM ( Wojskowe Zaklady Mechaniczne ) S.A.
Wojskowe Zaklady Mechaniczne was established in Siemianowice Slaskie in 1952 and since then is strongly involved in overhauls, modernization and special Production for necessity of Armed Forces.

In 1996 upgrading works of the BRDM-2 armoured reconnaissance care began. As a result of this work the whole family of upgraded armoured reconnaissance vehicles was generated: from the BRDM-2M96i model through the BRDM-2B, BRDM- 2A and BRDM-2M96iK "Szakal".

A number of vehicles were produced, which have been successfully exploited in the Polish Army, especially during peace keeping missions. Now the persisting construction works tend to follow upgrading of these vehicles, for the purpose of upgrading their reliability and battle possibilities.

In the year 2001, Ministry of National Defence invited Wojskowe Zaklady Mechaniczne, among other companies, to participate in a tender for the delivery of Wheeled Armoured Transporters (KTO) for the Polish Army. In this tender, WZM offered a fourth generation armoured modular vehicle AMV 8x8 designed by Finnish concern Patria, armed in combat version with HIFTIST 30mm weapon system of Italian concern OTO Melara.