AVIOANE CRAIOVA S.A. was established in 1972 for developing, manufacturing and providing product support of military aircraft to Romanian Air Force. The company began by co-operating with former Yugoslavia and developing the joint project of the ground attack aircraft IAR-93 (around than 200 aircrafts were built and entered in service since than).

During the 1980's, an advanced jet trainer IAR-99 was designed in co-operation with the National Institute for Aerospace, manufactured inhere; the aircraft is still currently in production and in Romanian Air Force service, as a modernized version IAR 99 SOIM. Designed, manufactured in Avioane's own facilities and certified with MoD's Flight Test Centre flight test facilities, it is a proof of the company's outstanding capabilities as an ideal partner in aircraft development and manufacture.

The capabilities cover a wide range of engineering, maintenance, testing and certification to production engineering, design and manufacturing of tools and jigs, manufacturing of aircraft and product support. The range in the manufacturing field covers almost all areas for classic metallic aero structures as:
  • machining parts of aluminum alloys and steel, accompanied by needed plants for special processes, qualified for aviation as heat and protective surface treatments (cadmium plating, anodizing, alodine, chromium plating etc.)
  • sheet metal manufacturing parts and structural assembly, with anodizing and primer coating facilities, optical transparencies manufacturing unit (for aircraft canopies)
  • general assembly, final assembly, equipping and ground testing with a medium size final painting facility
  • laboratory for materials and equipment testing and a range of digital measuring machine (C.M.M.), from small to medium and large size.
S.C MFA S.A. MIZIL is engaged, efficient and responsible, in activities both in civil and military manufacturing field. We also aim to manufacture final products at the high standard quality. The enterprise is fitted out with general-purpose and specialized machines. There is the possibility to work on CNC machinery. Also, we are specialized in heat treatments and galvanic coatings. The MFA has human resources with a high level of professional training. We maintain these qualifications by permanent training in order to respond to any market requirements. The quality management system has been evaluated and certified by Military Organism for Quality Certification (OMCAS), according to National Ministry of Defense requirements (N.G. O.M.C.A.S.-02.01) and SR EN ISO 9001:2001 and we are certified by civilian organism Total Q Arm for production of miltary and civilian final products.

SC MFA SA was founded 52 years ago as a result of the Orders from the Great General Staff. Ever since, it has been a point of reference not only in the armament industry, addressing especially to the industry of chain track armoured vehicles, but also in the civilian market, addressing mainly to the oil industry. Due to its diversified abilities, experience, and staff training, the company was able to include, today, in its own portfolio the following main activities:
  • the upgrading program for the infantry fighting vehicle MLI-84M
  • the integration and manufacturing of the OWS-25R turret
  • oil industry engines type refurbished
  • machining by chipping and metallic structures
  • manufacturing of the 4x4 armoured wheeled tracked vehicles in cooperation with foreign companies
The state-owned Romanian company in aerospace busines with two major activities :
  • aerostructure manufacturing All the production facilities enables to receive order for varies of aircraft type in aerostructure components
  • maintenance and repair for civil and military transport aircraft Capability in MRO & Modernization for Boeing 737-series and Hercules C-130 with approval from European & US authorization body.
The state-owned exporter of Romania Government that authorized to sell the products and services from 15 defence industries of Romania. The 15 defence indutries are consist of :
  • UM. Sadu : established in 1939 as infantry ammunitions manufacturer
  • Fabrica de Arme : established in 1920 as manufacturing of assault rifles, sub machine gun, machine gun, grenade launcher, pistol and hunting rifles
  • UM Cugir : more than 200 years as tradition manufacturing of parabellum pistol, machine gun, automatic grenade launcher and aricraft gun
  • Metrom : established in 1923 as manufacturing of components for infantry ammunitions
  • U.P.S. Dragomiresti : established 1981 as manufacturing for artillery ammunitions, loading, assembling & packing
  • U.M. Mija : established in 1938 as manufacturing of bomb, mortar, and grenade
  • Carfil : established in 1922 as producing group of Weapon and Ammunition
  • U.M. Plopeni : established in 1937 as manufacturing of ammunition and war artillery
  • Arsenal Resita : established in 1972 as manufacturing of artilerry systems
  • Pirochim : established in 1936 as manufacturing of piroxilic propelants based on nitro-cellulose for infrantry and artillery ammunitions
  • Fabrica De Pulberi : established in 1920 as manufacturing of high explosive and solid propellants
  • U.M. Tohan : established in 1937 as manufacturing of rocket, artillery ammunition, combat material
  • Electromecania : established in 1981 as manufacturing of air defence system, target, rockets & its services
  • Automecanica : established in 1969 as manufacturing of APC ( Saur 1 & 2 ) and AWC Vehicles
  • U.M Bucuresti : manufacturing of Main Battle Tank ( TR -85 M1 )