Since the new business landscape already defined to achieve the new positioning of Value Creator for delighting of Customers and Principals, the company have some revenue stream to achieve the financial business goals.

Each revenue stream will be driven by different business characteristic and requirements that will be overcome by the organization. Since we are representing a lot of group companies or companies from varies of country with different nature and policy, therfore, we have to accomodate and sinergize into our strength and competitiveness.

The products mix from some principals enable us to bring value to customers and overcome the competitions. It drives our sourcing plan of the products as well as principals to align with customers policy.

System / Unit and its services

We are creating the value to customer using the system/unit and its services. The principals supported us to accomplish the value through their products performance, parts/component supply and also the service maintenance and upgrading.

We would like to make the customer ease to procure according to improve their performance. We would like to contribute the improvement of Indonesia miltary defense using state of the art system/unit, quality, accuracy and durable products with competitive price supported by satisfied service maintenance for long period of usage.

Surely, all the system / unit needs to be maintained and upgrade, we are also provide the service maintenance in cooperation with our principals as the provider, manufacturing or maintenance that are ready in assist the delivered system/unit for after sales works.

Since our principals are corporation with wide products range, therefore, we classify into some categories as follows :

Defense System
Control System
Special Products

Parts, Component, Supplies and Its Services
Since parts and components are our beginning business, we still maintain the revenues from this business hence we can cover the new range of parts & components for kind of equipments /vehicles. To classify our parts / component and supplies

PARTS & COMPONENTS ant its Services
  • Sukhoi ( SU ) - 27 Aircraft
  • Helicopter ( Mi-Series )
  • Helicopter Puma / Super Puma
  • Avionics
  • Engine
  • Repair & Maintenance for the Parts & Components
  • Ammunitions caliber 23mm up to 152mm for Army
  • Hand Grenades, Anti tank grenades & Aircraft Bombs
  • Rockets caliber 82mm and 122mm
  • Mortar 40 mm, 60 mm, 73 mm, 81 mm & 82 mm
  • General Products