System / Unit and its services

Special Products
  • Optical & Optronic Equipments
    - Sights-Guidance Devices of Guided Armament for Armoured Vehicles with Thermovision Channels, Quantum Range Finders
    - Optical and Collimator Sights for Small Arms, Target Destination Devices of day and Infra-red range, sights, night vision devices, Manual Quantum Finders
    - Modernization of serial production sights of armoured vehicles gunner

  • Overhead Weapon Station 25R
    Armament :
    Main: Oerlikon KBA Cannon: 25 mm;
    Fire rate: 100, 200, 600 rounds/min;
    Fire unit: 200 rounds;
    Type of ammunition: APFSDS-T;FAPDS-T;TPDS-T; TP-T; HE-I;
    Possibility to select fire rate 1, 3, 10 rounds/min;
    High speed of the ammunition at the muzzle brake: 1.100 - 1.335 m/s.
    Anti-tank missile launcher
    Fire unit: 2 SPIKE missiles;
    Operation range: 4.000 m.
    Secondary weapons: 7,62 mm calibre;
    Fire unit: 250 rounds;
    Crew: One
    Ammunition feed for main and coax: from inside the vehicle;
    Fire accuracy: 1,5 mrad;
    Stabilization: Electrical, dual axis: horizontal and vertical;
    Speed direction/height: 45/45 degrees/sec.;

  • Aircraft Training System ( Sukhoi & Helicopter )
    Complex, procedural and special aircraft training simulators are intended for training flight, instructor, command and technical personnel of aviation units and subdivisions that are involved iin flight commitment, command and arrangement. Aircraft training systems are equipped with precise aircraft cabinet duplicates mounted on mobile and fixed platforms. Aircraft Training System are also equipped with projection type visualization systems with 180 x 160 degrees view angles, noise simulators etc.